Yum Chow for Charity


Time for Yum Chow for Charity! We love to #supportlocal, and our dear friends at San Fran have fallen on hard times. With no idea when they can get back to being the hub for the Wellington music industry, their doors remain closed. To lend a helping hand, join us from 11am – 3.30pm May 31st for Abandoned Brewery Beer and delicious Chow food specials, with a yum cha twist. BOOK NOW via chow.co.nz. The $5 per person ticket price will be donated to the WE LOVE SAN FRAN fund.


“In the middle of Wellington’s Cuba Street is San Fran, the capital’s home base and venue for live music and comedy.From up-and-coming local artists to the big name internationals, San Fran is the welcoming hub for performers and fans of all genres, styles, and generations. We’ve hosted more international live shows than any single venue in New Zealand. Our stage is the stepping stone for local talent to go far.


San Fran’s more than a venue and space to see your favourite act. We support our local scene growing and mentoring musicians and the technicians. We are committed to making sure that those behind the scenes and on stage are making a decent living from doing what they love. And that’s what we want to keep doing.


San Fran, an iconic venue for generations faces an uncertain future. The future of international bookings is unknown. We’re still paying the rent and paying our staff but when a dedicated live music venue doesn’t have shows or an audience we can’t do this for long. This is about providing a foundation for San Fran to move forward with support – to create resiliency in a time of strife and to grow out of this anew. We will be calling on the music industry to come to the party wherever possible, from the big players to the punters – whoever you are, we need you. Artists, audience members, reviewers, techies, promoters – all of us. First up – please donate now if you can – chip in what you can to make a difference. Next – using the hashtags #welovesanfran and #saveourvenues post your own video memory, share this with your community with the link to this page so that your friends can donate too.


We don’t know what the future of entertainment will look like, but we do know we want to be there with you, with our artists, for live music. So we can keeping adding to all the memories of great gigs you’ve been at San Fran. Donate, share your memories, share this campaign. Give San Fran an opportunity to survive, develop and adapt so that we can meet the needs of artists and audiences alike – folks like us – who love need and want live music in our lives.” – San Fran

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