Chow is a modern and casual restaurant brand that offers fresh, balanced and healthy food that arrives quickly at your table. The menu is made up of lots of bold and flavoursome dishes skillfully created from the best and freshest ingredients.


Chow recognises that different people have different dietary requirements and you will find that the menu contains a large number of both vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as gluten and dairy free options. We also proudly use only free range chicken, pork and eggs and sustainably line caught fish. Our food is best shared allowing you to sample all the unique and interesting flavours on offer – Enjoy!

Order for PickupOrder for Delivery
Vietnamese rice paper rollsVermicelli, red pepper, mint, corianderdvg16.5
Cheat’s duck lettuce cupsChilli hoison glazed mock-duck, baby cos lettuce, shiitake mushrooms, vermicelli, capsicum & cherry tomatoesv23
Prawn summer rollsChives, coriander, lettuce, hoisin saucedg18.5
Grilled chicken saladRoasted cashews, red cabbage, coriander, mint, carrot & coconut lime dressingdgo24.5
Crispy pork saladBaby cos lettuce, vietnamese mint, sprouts, ginger, chilli lime soy dressingdgo23
Vegetable spring rollsCos lettuce, sweet chillidv19
Tempura cauliflowerBang-bang vegan mayodv19.5
Mushroom cream cheese wontonWhite button mushrooms, garlic, spring onion, soy sauce & vegan cream cheese, hoisin saucedv18.5
Blue cheese & peanut wontonsBerry coulisve18.5
Salt & pepper squidWasabi mayod22
Phoenix & dragon dumplingsChicken & prawn minced with ginger,spring onion & coriander, chilli soy sauced21
Korean style fried chickenButtermilk brined then air dried, fried crispy & served coated in sticky sauce22
Vegetable jungle curryRoast vegetables, kaffir lime, tofu & corianderdvgo26
Five-spice yellow chicken curryRoast chicken, cherry tomatoes, peas & beansd28.5
Smoky red duck currySticky seaseme & garlic marinated roast duck, cherry tomatoes, bamboo, and green beansd30.5
Mussaman lamb curryBraised lamb shoulder, kumara, coriander & roasted peanutsdg30.5
Angry edemameSea salt, sesame, ginger, garlic, maple, soy saucedvg10
PotstickersGaram masala roasted pumpkin, cashew, red onion coriander, chilli coconut lime dressing & chilli toasted pumpkin seeds finished on the grilldv19.5
Banana leaf wrapped fishLime leaf, galangal, lemongrass & chilli. Shallots, sticky rice, banana leaf, coconut lime saucedg19.5
Sichuan-style pork dumplingsPork, chive, garlic, ginger, served in hot & sour chilli oild21
Beggars purseLeek, bamboo, mushroom, peanuts red raspberry vinegardv21
BBQ tofu skewersNori furikake, white miso dressingdvgo18.5
Fish cakePotato, green chilli, coriander, ginger, garlic, nuoc chamd21
Salmon parcelsSpinach & cashew pesto, pickled ginger, garlic soy saucedg23.5
Chicken satayFresh cucumber, peanut saucedg20.5
Crispy pork pancakesSpring onion, chow pickles, hoisin sauced23.5
Cross-cut beef ribKiwifruit teriyaki glazedg23
JackfruitFive-spice pulled jackfruit, red cabbage, carrot, coriander & bang-bang vegan mayodv12
Kaarage chickenRed cabbage & onion pickle, carrot & coriander, sriracha mayod12
Roast pork bellyPickled carrot, daikon, coriander, kecap manis, sriracha mayod12
Chinese greensBlack beandv9.5
Udon noodlesSweet garlic soydv8.5
Roti chenaiSatay saucedv11
Jasmine ricedvg4.5
Coconut ricedvg5.5